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Providing Everything You Need


I Offer Specialist, Supportive, One-to-One Evolution And Mentoring Packages - Lasting From 30 days to 6 months. 

Each Program Here Gives You A Confidential, Private And Personal Space For You To Open Up And All The Tools & Skills You Need To Transform Yourself And Your Life.

Discover You Everything You Will Ever Need To Finally Transcend Your Own Limits, Take Control And Finally Break Free. 



60 Days to set yourself free from unhelpful habits and addictions, stop your self-sabotage and regain control of yourself and your life. PLUS 30 Days of extra support. 

Replace the faulty coping mechanisms that are interfering with your realtionships at work or at home, stop burning money on your addictions and reclaim your dignity & self worth so that you can stop wasting so much time and energy on inner struggles. 

Evolve out of self-sabotage by nurturing yourself and mastering natural self control, so that you can break free from wasting so much time and energy on your private "inner wars" and struggles. This program activates everything you need to break out of your own self sabotaging habits and replaces them with the more helpful habits that you need, in order to move you towards your goals instead.

Through this totally unique 90 day online program, we use my 5 steps formula to CREATE and free your will. Enjoy highly confidential, one to one sessions online, to fit around your own schedule, regular voxer support, my continuous encouragement, nurturing and accountability (on a daily basis if required), so that you no longer need to rely solely on your own will power to stop yourself drinking excessively, overeating or binging, or setting you free from compulsive spending, gambling or partying and substance addictions.


By releasing yourself from the faulty coping mechanisms that you have been using to prop yourself up, your unhelpful habits will no longer interfere with your ability to function successfully, and you can find the freedom of choice that you need, so you can excel in your career, improve your everyday relationships, stop letting others down, and take back control of your bank balance, your health, your happiness and your life. 

Designed to empower you, support you and assit you to:

  • Understand your own lack of willpower and evolve a much more effective and proven way to manage your cravings, emotions and stress levels, so that you can naturally develop much more self-control in all areas of your life.

  • Strengthen your inner will, motivation and drive by activating deeper changes and assessing the real unmet needs that your unhelpful habits are currently preventing you from meeting adequately. 

  • Understand what's been going on deep down, and unite your unconscious mind with your conscious mind so that the warring parts of you can begin to get along more harmoniously.

  • Realize what you do really want in life, and how to build true motivation and achieve more success in specific and target areas (as well as identifying what is currently stopping you from making those necessary life changes)

  • Be able to focus on your healthy goals and remove unwanted distractions as you improve your environment to advantage yourself towards much better outcomes and make it easier to make healthy choices in your life.

  • Break out of unwanted habit loops and explore new and exciting ways of living as you replace self-sabotage with self-love and growth. 

This program utilises a whole range of experiential techniques, mind shifting metaphors and strategies taken from clinical & conversational hypnotherapy, CBT & ACT as well as employing the Human Givens approach to help you to find lasting freedom from addictions. 



10 x Your productivity, your sales and your success as you stop procrastinating and find the drive to get difficult things done. 

30 Days to discover productivity, self-drive and motivational secrets,  experience deep unconscious mindset shifts and learn practical strategies to get ALL things done more easily i
n your life, complete your projects at work and at home AND stop putting off the necessary changes you want to make, for your health and well being. 

Whether you want to become more naturally empowered to get through your work projects, get off your backside and turn up at the gym more consistently or stop wasting so much time and energy on all of those irrelelvant distractions that don't make a real difference to your emotional and physical health, this unique program will help you get there faster.


Designed to move you to take REAL LIFE ACTIONS so both you and your bank balance can start smiling, or to help you to build more meaningful relationships and level up yourself and your life.


This life-changing 30 day personalised program involves short one to one sessions held each weekday, designed to fit around your schedule, with optional weekend check ins via voxer, if required, to give you all the encouragement, support and accountability you need to keep yourself moving, without struggling to find time for long therapy sessions or trying to push shove and force yourself along by struggling by using will power alone.


Held online from the comfort of your own home or office, and designed especially for combatting procrastination with an array of practical strategies and rapid change techniques scientifically proven to shift your unconscious drivers.

By tapping into your own mis-aligned unconscious programming, you will become fully engaged, as you not only start getting your stuff done, but you also discover the secrets to leading yourself effectively and discover that you CAN actually enjoy doing challenging tasks (even if you don´t usually feel like getting on with things).

Beat procrastination and distractions, as you learn how to create massive enjoyment around any task, so you can get stuff done, even when you don't feel like it. 

By the end of the month, you will have learned and mastered :

  • How to no longer need to push or force yourself to get things done.

  • The secrets and skills you need to apply so you can enjoy being more productive.

  • How to find the energy to easily take more action when you need to do more in your life

  • To improve your concentration and focus 

  • To let your ideas live more easily

  • How to develop and free your creative super-flow 

  • To naturally build your own inner drive & motivation

  • How to release yourself from fear-based perfectionism

  • How to set priorities and take action more decisively



60 days to feel alive and being able to sparkle again, as you release anxiety and worry with my anxiety freedom formula.

Restore your natural energy, improve your ability to focus as you increase your joy and motivation for living, so that you can wake up in the mornings feeling rested and refreshed, smiling and ready for the day. 

When we have been under extreme pressures from excessive stress, we begin to feel emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Burnout is the ultimate price that any of us can pay when our battery simply runs out.


This 60 day program is highly nurturing and supports you all the way back into the land of the living, so you can recharge, reconnect with your love of life, and restore yourself and your health through inner balance. 

Tackling practical issues, like time priorities, real life stress management and coping skills, we reconnect your mind and body through deep, rapid change techniques and put you firmly back in control, so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed out or struggling to make decisions as you relieve and release the pressure to perform with perfection at all costs. ​


Through a first month of intensive short sessions, you will overcome your worries to become a master of the art of true relaxation and inner peace. Learn to embrace challenge, sleep well without relying on pills or potions, control your automatic thinking habits and emotional over reactions and increase your belief in your own capability to the point that you will know that you can handle anything. 

As you become more resilient, and build your bravery muscle, you let go of perfectionism and the pressures, to feel more alive.


Discovering how to grow your tolerance to frustrations and how to use anger and other negative emotions will help you to grow into a stronger woman.

The second month is all about giving you on-going support to make sure you are well and truly on the path to a passion filled life once more. 


Designed to empower you and help you to:

  • Restore your productivity levels, without adding to your to do list.

  • Clear brain fog and overwhelm so you can make decisive moves at work and in your personal life, letting go of self doubt, procrastination and confusion

  • Heal and begin to resolve broken relationships by mastering management of your own emotions, communication and reactions more effectively. 

  • Improve your sleep to feel stronger, look younger and find more energy for yourself and patience for your work or your loved ones. 

  • Release your anxiety and stop detachment of mind and body, so that you stop feeling so numb and can start smiling, appreciating life and feeling alive again. 

  • Overcome or reducing some of the physical symptoms of excessive stress, such as headches, migraines, insomnia and fatigue. 

  • Increase your energy and motivation levels, as you begin to awaken your creativity and flow once more and begin to enjoy waking up feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.   

  • Move from self-doubt to self belief so that you can stop avoiding situations that make you feel like you are an imposter who will be found out any day. 

  • Address your unmet physical and emotional needs through better boundaries, self care and self love, so that you feel strong in your core and can handle life's challenges from the inside out. 



Do you want to stop making excuses, and hiding behind your phone or laptop?

This program helps you to FEEL ready to go out mingling in the real world, without letting your shyness and anxiety hold you back or ruin your fun.... even if you are an introvert or you feel awkward and shy around people. 

(Connect and make new friendships more easily, enjoy being socially active and let your confidence and charm win over more business and sales in your daily meetings, social interactions or at networking events, without relying on alcohol for courage) 

This nurturing and supportive 6-month online training and private support program, is  personally tailored to your needs, your goals, your schedule and your situation. It is the ultimate in mind, body, and life evolution. 


With regular one to one sessions, small and manageable weekly challenges, live and regular personal support, as well as optional access to my group of warrior hearts. (Where you don't need to feel like you have to fit in, just to belong)


You will have direct access to my regular, personal one to one services and care, so that you will learn how to shine in such a way that the world cannot help but notice your light. 

Together, we unlock your genuine inner confidence by focusing on shifting your own faulty and unconscious perceptions, improving your social abilities and tools with my "Superior social skills academy" and tackling the very root causes and thinking habits that have been surrounding any of the four secret fears that ultimately underpin all of our social insecurities:

  1. Overcome Fears of Vulnerability and Rejection (cease believing that you have to BE a different person to fit in and worrying that your words, or personality will lead to rejection from others)

  2. Let Go Of Your Fears of Judgment or Criticism (Tools to help you stop feeling "too" unnattractive, or believing that you lack personality or social skills as well as ceasing to overestimate how much others are thinking about you)

  3. Move Beyond Your Fears of Embarrassment or Humiliation (Stop worrying that you will embarrass yourself in some way, by saying something wrong or behaving inappropriately)

  4. Stop Fearing Conflict (Let go of feeling afraid of disagreements or confrontations, so you hide, let people push you around or keep your needs and opinions to yourself)

When we dig deeper, these are the reasons for nearly all of our insecurities or our  avoidance of people or social situations. The problem is that continual avoidance makes our problems worse, as it re-inforces and grows our fears and anxieties. 


By addressing and releasing yourself from these fears, you can find freedom from worrying so much about what others think of you, tap into your own inner radiance and begin to feel happy and comfortable enough to be your natural, remarkable best self.


By the end of the 6 months, you will be fully empowered and enabled to use all of your new abilities and skills, not only to make yourself feel amazing but to help others feel more amazing around you.

This program is an intensive and life-changing experience, which focuses on mentoring, guiding, and helping you wherever you need or want it the most, so that you can :

  • Become more full of self-love, and feel happy with what you see in the mirror

  • Enjoy going out more and being socially active, without letting insecurity or introversion spoil all the fun

  • Develop self-awareness, so you are less reactive and more able to pause before thinking and acting, so you have more freedom to choose the best course of action in tricky situations 

  • Develop greater acceptance of your amazing self, so you feel more assertive and confident speaking up in groups

  • Let go of your need for the approval of others, in order to prove your self worth, so you can put yourself out in the world and be seen more in person or online

  • Be more assertive, confident, enabled, so that you are naturally empowered to achieve a greater life success by making more meaningful connections in your life and taking physical action steps to manifest your dreams into reality.


NB: Due to the intensive level of support that I provide, I only accept 10 ladies for this program each year. 

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