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30 Days To Be A Productive Woman On Fire

10 x Your Productivity AND Success: Daily Accountability To Stop Procrastinating & Get Stuff Done

  • 30 minutes
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

30 Days to power up your productivity, master self-drive and discover motivational secrets. Beat procrastination and distractions, as you learn how to take your foot off your brake, and create massive enjoyment around any task, so you get stuff done, even when you don't always feel like it. Whether you want to become more naturally empowered to get through your work projects, get off your backside and turn up at the gym more consistently or stop wasting so much time and energy on all of those irrelevant distractions that don't make a real difference to your emotional and physical health, this unique program will help you get there faster. Designed to take you out of the stop, start pattern of getting things done, and to move you to consistently take REAL LIFE ACTIONS so that both you and your bank balance can start smiling, as you level up yourself and your life. This life-changing 30 day personalized program involves short one to one sessions (20-30min) held each weekday, designed to fit around your schedule, with optional weekend check ins via voxer, if required. Enjoy all the encouragement, support and accountability you need to keep yourself moving, without struggling to find the time for long therapy sessions or trying to push shove and force yourself along by using will power struggles alone. Held online from the comfort of your own home or office, and designed especially for combatting procrastination with an array of practical strategies, stress and time management without overwhelm and rapid change techniques scientifically proven to shift your unconscious drivers. ​Become fully engaged, as you not only start getting your stuff done, but you also discover the secrets to leading yourself effectively and discover that you CAN actually enjoy doing challenging tasks (even if you don´t usually feel like getting on with things). By the end of the month, you will have mastered : ✔ How to no longer need to push or force yourself to get things done. ✔Secrets and skills to actually enjoy being more productive. ✔ How to find the energy to take more action when you know you need to do more in your life ✔Huge improvements in your concentration and focus ✔ The confidence to let your ideas live more easily ✔ How to develop and free your creative super-flow ✔ How to naturally build up your own inner drive & motivation ✔ How to release yourself from fear-based perfectionism & procrastination ✔ The art of setting priorities and taking decisive action

Contact Details

  • Carrer Gran Via, 43, El Toro, Spain

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