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Do you want to master your midlife with confidence, rediscover your shine and enjoy sparkling through the next chapter of your life ? 


To your very own "Fabulous Ever After" 

A 12 week program specifically for ladies over 40, who want to reduce anxiety, overcome insecurities about ageing and redesign themselves and their life, so they can wake up smiling, enjoy feeling fabulous and sparkle with energy through their second chapter of life. 

It's finally time to be selfish, create a life that is "all about me" and claim your very own happily ever after. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the changes and uncertainties that midlife is bringing into your world?


It can be easy to feel like we have lost our mojo and our way, as we enter the second chapter of our life. 

Maybe you even find yourself grappling with anxiety, mood swings and irritability or perhaps you're experiencing  an overall a dip in your self-confidence, as you attempt to navigate through this new phase of life, managing various hormonal, peri & menopause symptoms, looking at your aging body each day and noticing new limits and some unwelcome changes in your physical health, stamina and passion for life?

With all this going on, it's no wonder we can harbour secret insecurities about ageing!


But, if this is you too, then I want you to know that you are certainly not alone my lovely. 


We can often dismiss all this as "normal" and end up buying into the belief that we simply have to endure all these struggles as a part of the ageing process.


But this is just not true ❤


Hormone fluctuations and aging do not need to leave us feeling like a used tea bag and physical wreck, nor do we need to be struggling with endless symptoms, pains and bleeding problems or stuck riding an emotional rollercoaster day in day out...


Your life is to be enjoyed not endured, no matter what age you are!


With the right mindset, support, self-care and health adjustments, many of the stresses and emotional and physical issues that we face in midlife, can be eased or eradicate completely. 


We can all regain our energy levels and enjoy feeling fabulous once again. 🥰 

With age comes great wisdom and we can have more courage than we ever had before, because we have experience behind us to back it up.

So if you are ready for a change and want to re-invent yourself and your life, its actually the perfect time, because it's never too late to become the person you were always destined to be.


I created this new program especially because of my own life experiences and various challenges both my clients and I have faced, whilst going through this transitional period of life, and this program is built with my own personal love and care, with an aim to cater for everything we ever need to feel fabulous once again. 

  • Mindset magic and powerful psychological tools to leave our anxieties and fears of aging behind so we can feel hopeful, courageous and self-confident once again

  • Style and beauty tips to we stop feeling like a worn out old dish cloth and to start feeling glowy and sparkly as we master the art of aging with grace and finesse instead,

  • Top health and wellness strategies for balancing our hormones naturallyimproving the quality of our sleep, reducing stress, naturally increasing our energy levels and growing inner and outer strength,

  • Community support to share encouragement, morale, tips, tools and more.

  • Guest support and workshops from experts in relevant topics that can help us all feel and look more fabulous with age.

It's time to turn your 'pause' into a powerful restart, a time to reflect on what really matters, to enjoy being more selfish and to embrace the second chapter of your life. 

Because, it really can be possible for this part of your life to be even more fulfilling and joyous than the first. Isn't that exciting? 

I understand the complex challenge of emotions and challenges that you face during menopause and midlife and more importantly, I know that this transition is not just about managing symptoms — it's also about redefining and rediscovering yourself and your purpose.

This period can be a golden opportunity for you to re-evaluate your life's purpose and ignite a deeper passion for living, so that you are sparkling with enthusiasm and able to set the stage for your own "happily ever after". 

My 12 week program is meticulously designed to empower you to comfortably master your midlife transition, providing you with all the tools, support and encouragement you need to not only cope, but to thrive.

By entering into a supportive community and enjoying expert guidance from me and other guests, you can transform, rise up and reconnect with your confidence, redefine your sense of self-worth, and embrace this new phase with enthusiasm and vitality.

Module 1 : Midlife Mindset Mastery

  • Overcome Mental Barriers: Tackle your anxiety, find your patience and calm as you and blast away your insecurities about aging.

  • Re-wire limiting beliefs that hold you back and eradicate feelings of irrelevance with proven psychological tools, strategies and technqiues.

  • Cultivate Great Optimism & Positivity: Learn techniques to re-ignite your belief in your own self and your capability, cultivate a positive mindset, and feel able to view menopause as a period of growth and potential.

  • Cultivate Your Emotional Resilience: Build your emotional resilience through mindfulness practices, journaling, and experiencing powerful techniques to validate your experiences, and empower you to feel sparkly again. 


Module 2 : Re-Ignite Vitality & Purpose 

  • Health, Strength & Energy: Engage in exploring natural solutions for hormonal balance, physical movement, strengthening and improving your quality of sleep to boost your energy levels and physical health.

  • Rediscovering Your Passion and Purpose Plus Strategic Life Planning: Through specific workshops and coaching you can rediscover what matters to you, and what brings you joy, Set meaningful goals and create a practical life roadmap to achieve these, then outline actionable steps to pursue your passions, with a focus on being selfish and enjoying personal fulfillment and impact.

  • Make It feel Easy: We rewire and change the faulty beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, so you stop fighting yourself and believing that taking action is going to be hard to do.

  • Community and Connection: Make new friends and foster strong connections with like minded ladies who share similar journeys, enriching your heart with shared stories, love and support.

Module 3 : Self-Confidence & Self Care

  • Activate Your 'Calm & Confident 'Me-Switch':  Learn to prioritize YOU. Master the necessary skills you need to get what you want and of embody natural calm & confidence in your midlife. 

  • Master Self Love & Body Positivity: Embrace and love your changing body through self-care through rituals that promote well-being, ensuring you feel valued and vital.

  • Supercharge Your Style Creativity: Tools, tips and fun strategies to help you fashion, beauty tips, and fitness routines tailored for your current stage of life. Guest experts to help bring out and highlight your best bits so you can you look and feel more fabulous and enjoy aging with grace and finesse. 

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