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Hello, I'm Pippa 

I am an Anxiety & Addiction Warrior, Subconscious Specialist, Change Maker & Freedom Finder.

I help busy women to find lasting freedom from overwhelm, anxiety, addiction, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage by giving you the mindset shifts, tools and strategies you need to replace your unhelpful behaviours, unwanted feelings and compulsive habits with powerful new habits and beliefs, so that you can wake up each day smiling and feeling genuinely happy with yourself and your life. 

I show you how to truly love yourself and how to evolve your own natural confidence, without spending years in therapy trying to "fix" yourself. 

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My Story

I live in Mallorca, Spain, along with my two loving children, my man and my two fur-babies.  I have been living in Mallorca and running businesses here for the last twenty years.

As a family, we are very happy, very close to each other and we are passionate about our own hobbies and work life balance. 


Our life has daily challenges and we ride the emotional rollercoaster of life's dramas (that we ALL experience from time to time), but I can confidently say that most mornings I now LOVE waking up to my life...

But it wasn't always that way...

Every issue that I now help others to overcome, I have also experienced first hand for myself, because I spent most of my life battling my own daily struggles with anxiety, insecurities about myself, insomnia, trying to juggle it all and not feeling like I was doing any of it well enough, as well as dealing with various addictions. 

For most of my life, I just thought this continuous struggle was a normal part of life. I didn't even know there was another way to be... 

It took me years to evolve, because I did not find the right kind of support or help straight away. I did not know I had a choice, not believe that I could change. 


This is one of the wonderful reasons that I now help my clients to shortcut their way their own way to freedom, so that they don't need to take the long road there (like I did!)  


Despite having my own personal struggles I set up a successful real estate company in my early twenties and with hardly any money or experience behind me, in a foreign country, this was no easy feat, and everything came with extra complications. 


Yet, I kept my personal and private struggles behind closed doors, and managed to create a thriving company selling luxury homes and looking after exclusive clients and properties on the Island. My partner and I had a team of 20 employees working inside of the company and it became fairly well known on the island.  

But, the stress of running such a thriving company, hiding all the issues and juggling my family life with my work, unfortunately took its toll on us all as a family, so back in 2016, when I was 39 years old, I finally began to look for real solutions and help for us as a family.


The road that followed, has led me to the magical place where I am right now, and has not only transformed my own life, but I went on to become fully qualified in clinical and conversational hypnosis (UK certified), as well as certifying as a practitioner of NLP, mindfulness, CBT, sleep science coaching, self esteem, confidence. anxiety and addiction recovery psychotherapy and treatments.

I have now used my skills to help so many wonderf
ul clients here on the island and internationally online, and have personally spent thousands of hours helping clients to breakthrough their own struggles too.


I don't think of anyone as being "broken" and I create a very special place for each of my clients to open up, feel supported so that together we enable and empower them to enjoy being fully themselves. 


My therapy and coaching skills now combine with my long standing professional experience (leading myself and my teams) and I now show others how to cope with life's stresses and manage time, how to communicate more effectively to get your own way in life, how to set healthy boundaries and be assertive with clients and colleagues, how to step up and win more sales and success in your career, how to charm others and create conversations that flow, how to feel genuinely confident instead of faking it till you make it and how to navigate so many of the challenges that we can face as young professional ladies, entrepreneurial women or as working mothers who are trying to juggle it all and feeling like we are doing it all, but not doing any of it well enough... 

More importantly I show you how we can all find our way back to calm, courage and patience and love and respecting ourselves, so we find our sparkle and shine once again.  

The amazing techniques and strategies that I use are so effective, that the clients often tell me they feel as if they work "like magic", or as if they are "being hugged" better, and although they can feel like magic, the real truth is that they are all scientifically proven strategies that are highly effective.


I utilise a totally unique combination of tools, taken from various therapy modalities, and each is fully tried and tested for efficacy and based solidly in neuroscience, psychology and epigenetics.


I do not look at your labels, or trawl through endless talks about years of past history, I work with solution focused treatments that directly target your own belief system and alter your unconscious programing to remove unhelpful thoughts, shift your perceptions and remove past traumas, by changing your unwanted feelings, to release and replace unhelpful behaviors, compulsions and undesirable habits.   

If you want to chat with me to see if you might be good fit for one of my programs, then please do reach out and we can get talking about how I can hopefully help you too. ❤

Love always 

Pippa x


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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