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Stressed TO STRENGTH in 60 Days or Less

OVERCOME BURNOUT: Feel alive and sparkle again, release your anxiety & stress, restore life balance

  • 1 hour
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

Restore your natural energy, improve your ability to focus and increase your joy and motivation for living. Wake up in the mornings feeling rested, energised, resilient and refreshed, smiling and ready to rock the day again. When we have been under pressure from excessive or chronic life stress, we begin to feel emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Burnout, anxiety, depression and even panic attacks, are sometimes the ultimate price that we might pay when our battery simply runs out. It can happen to any of us ❤ This 60 day program is highly nurturing and supports you back into the land of the living, so you can recharge, reconnect with your love of life, and vibrantly restore yourself and your health through finding inner and outer balance. ​ Tackling practical issues, like time priorities, healthy boundaries, real life stress management and coping skills, we reconnect your mind and body through deep, rapid change techniques and put you firmly back in control, so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed out or struggling to make decisions. Through a first month of private, 45 minute sessions held online, twice a week, OR one 90 minute session held weekly, you will overcome worries to become a master of the art of true relaxation and inner peace. Feel capable of embracing challenge (instead of avoiding it), sleep well without relying on pills or potions, control automatic thinking habits and calm down your emotional over reactions and irritability, as you increase your belief in your own capability, to the point that you know that you can handle anything. ​ Look forward to becoming more resilient, and building your bravery muscle, and letting go of perfectionism and the life's pressures, to feel more alive. Grow your tolerance to frustrations and use anger and other negative emotions to help you to grow into a much stronger person (who is able to connect and experience massive positive shifts and deep connections in your existing relationships). The second month is all about giving you on-going support once a week, to make sure you are well and truly on the path to your passion filled life once more. Designed to empower you to: Restore your productivity levels, without adding to your to do list, clear away brain fog and overwhelm so you can make decisive moves at work and in your personal life, address your unmet needs & reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Contact Details

  • Carrer Gran Via, 43, El Toro, Spain

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