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Did you ever wish that life could feel easier?

I'm here today to remind you that your life is supposed to be enjoyed, not endured!

So if you feel like you're
 going around in circles somewhere in your life...


Stressed with your workload, dealing with dramas and toxic people in your life...


Stuck in your career, feeling unhappy or unfulfilled inside family and social circles or improtant relationships or maybe even struggling with your fitness and health...


I want you to know that it doesn't have to be that way ❤

I suspect that even if you know what you "should" be doing to transcend your limits...

You often wonder, WHY does it feel so difficult to get on with the actual "doing" part?

The truth is that when we are fighting with our own survival mechanisms, our rational intelligence doesn't really help us to overcome
our issues. 

Because in a war against yourself, your anxiety, bad habits and addictions are every bit as intelligent as you are. 


So, this means that if you have a PhD... then your addiction or anxiety has one too!


The fact is that we can have around 60,000 or more automatic thoughts each day and most of these are biologically designed to justify, rationalise and give meaning to our existing reality, not to help us to change and evolve into a new one. 


So our brain works very hard to strengthen and support our existing habits (both good and bad), to keep us safe (often by over reacting to any slight perception of danger that lies around us) and to simply put in order to re-inforce our existing beliefs, no matter how unhelpful or limiting these may be.    

So when we ARE trying to make changes in our life... we can often end up stuck in an eternal war between our conscious desires and our brain's own natural survival responses. 



When one part of us wants to stop overeating or binging on unhealthy food (But we just can't seem to keep ourselves out of the naughty cupboards at home or stop ourselves from overindulging)

Or when we are destroying ourselves by drinking excessively or far too often, consistently shaming and dissapointing ourselves and letting our friends and family down, yet each day, we resolve to stop "tomorrow", but when tomorrow comes, we can't seem to manage ourselves or our will power long enough to follow through with any of our promises. 


Or we may want to stop partying so much and using various substances to excess, we want to stay clean and be more productive. (But we feel like we can't stop smoking or behaving like a rebel raver, saying yes to all the wrong distractions and choices in life at the very first chance we get) 



We REALLY want to start doing more to improve our health, get in shape and control our life... like exercising more frequently and consistently, (Yet we can't seem to drag ourselves out of bed to put on our running shoes, never mind putting on a healthy new mindset)




We yearn to be confidently working in a more focused way on our projects (But we keep letting ourselves get distracted and continually put off doing all of the difficult things until the very last minute)




Maybe we just want to stop feeling anxious and to get out there in the big world a whole lot more, networking bravely and enjoying being socially active (But we hide away and make constant excuses, just so that we can avoid facing our own uncomfortable feelings and insecurities

And the truth is that we are ALL excellent at putting things off and believing in our own self lies...


Like "I'll do it tomorrow when I feel more like it..."

When the real question needs to be things like...


What makes us believe that we will feel any differently tomorrow than we do today?


The reality is that when we put things off until tomorrow we tend to feel even LESS motivated tomorrow than we do today.

In the end, we really want to feel free to make better choices for ourselves and to confidently put ourselves o
ut there more in the world without worry and stress...

But when one part of us insists on returning to some of these unhelpful and faulty coping mechanisms , we only end up wrestling with our continual self-doubts and feeling held back instead.

In the end, it's no wonder we can feel so exhausted, drained and fed up, because being pulled in two different directions from the inside out is literally a full time job.

Wasting all of our time and energy on survival and battling with ourselves like this, instead of getting out there to fully enjoy life, having fun, and the real energy and confidence we need to go after our dreams, means we only end up going round in those fruitless circles.

And the truth is that this "stuck" feeling can happen to any of us, anytime and anywhere in our life....

Because our brains do not discriminate wh
en it comes to running our internal survival mechanisms. 

And so, we can get stuck in loops so easily when we are trying to let go of our unhelpful habits, which makes life feel so much harder than it needs to be.


Pretending to be someone else all the time can also feel really hard too.

Because if you've been attempting to be superhuman and hide your fears and your issues...

Then, it becomes extra challenging trying to even do the everyday things, like making decisions, relaxing, being fully present with loved ones or being able to enjoy the beautiful parts of the life that you do have.


The problem is that wishing to be more "normal", also means we continually fail to appreciate and how truly amazing we can be.

I believe that waking up to freedom, enjoying ALL of your life, AND having success in your careers, relationships, family and health, is a gift that we all DO deserve to have and to give to ourselves.

No matter how many times you have tried and failed before, I know that you can have and give this to yourself too, I did it for myself, and if I can do it, so can you!

And I've now seen and helped so many others achieve this for themselves too, even when they came in to my life without believing it was even possible for them.

If you want to chat with me just reach out and book a call, and let's see what I can do to help you too.

After all...  
Why shouldn't you be able to have it all??

Imagine waking up each day, to a life and a you that you love.  
(Without wasting years and years trying to get there)

I have years of first hand experience of tapping into the amazing power of our incredible minds.


And I have helped so many others achieve great things too...


Things that they didn't dream were ever possible before.


My clients are constantly amazed by the INCREDIBLE abilities, changes and confidence they can tap into and unleash from within themselves. (With the right kind of support and help) 


Here are some of the glass ceilings that you can expect to shatter when you work with me ❤


AdobeStock_181537346 (1).jpeg
Services brief summary

Free Your Will & Become An Unchained Will Power Warrior To Get Back Control

From Over Indulging In Drinking, Eating, Spending Money, Gambling  or Using Partying Substances...

To Gaining Real Freedom, Inner Pride & Taking Back Full Control Of Yourself & Your Life Life Without Those Inner Battles

Be a Confident, Social Butterfly & Networking Ninja  (Even If You Are Shy Or Introverted)

From Hiding Behind Your Phone, PC or MAC & Avoiding Social Events, New People Or Places... 

To Happily Networking & Enjoying A Greater Social Life  Out In The Real World Without Letting Your Anxieties Ruin Your Fun

Be Productive & A Decisive Dynamo Who Gets Stuff Done At Work & Home

From Feeling Nervous & Hesitant - Procrastinating Or Struggling With Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

To Prioritising, Focused, Decisive & More Capable And Sure Of Yourself & Your Daily Actions 


Be Seen, Feel Able To Shine & Sell, For 10 The Sales & Success

From Feeling Shy, Nervous & Insignifcant, And Invisible & Anonymous Online Or In Your Real Life...

To Being Invaluable, Letting Yourself Shine & Be Seen Everywhere For Greater Success AND 10 Times The Sales!


Speak Up, Be Confident, Bold & Assertive Without Apology

From Being A Doormat, Staying Silent & Avoiding Confrontation or People Pleasing...

To Winning More Business, Speaking Up For Yourself In Meetings & Setting Happy And Healthy Boundaries To Get Your Needs Met, Without  Feeling Guilty Or Afraid 


Rediscover Your Sparkle, Inner Glow & Motivation For Living 

From Feeling Stressed, Burned Out and Struggling At Work, With Family Or Relationships

To Being Motivated, Joyful And Calm, So You Can Actually Enjoy Your Days At Work,  Be Fully Present And Love Spending Time With The People You Love. 


If you only take one thing away from reading this today, I want you to know that, whatever you can imagine of yourself, you have so much more, hidden inside of you, just waiting to be unlocked. 


I know this because I have been there myself and I can share that not only did I come out of my anxiety, burn out and big struggles with addictions and self-sabotage, but I have helped many others do this too. 

So being here right now, could mean that it is finally your time, too... 


If you are tired of trying to do it all alone, I can guide you out of your own way, help you to release your demons, feel secure in yourself and be able to smile your way through life on the inside, not just the outside, so you can let your own remarkable sparkle shine. 

I am a fully certified, licensed and insured practitioner of clinical and conversational hypnotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness, NLP, Sleep science coaching and Positive Psychology. 


I work with both your unconscious and your conscious mind so they can unite, to change out of your unhelpful feelings, release destructive thinking habits, and stop unwanted, self-sabotaging behaviours, so that you can succeed in going after all the things you do want in your life, without internal battles, or struggling, pushing and forcing yourself along with sheer will power alone. 

I am also trained and certified in the revolutionary human givens strategies that specialise in effectively treating addictions, depression and all types of stress and anxiety. 

So, the question is not.... how or when will you get to your next level...


But I wonder, what what WILL happen to you and your life, when you fully awaken and activate more of your own true amazing, natural self?


Can you allow yourself to feel a few tingles of excitement now, as you begin to think about how life will really feel, when you are able to unleash the power and energy of your awesome and unstoppable self?




"I´m evolving into more acceptance of myself and already addressing the things I need to change. It´s always a wonderful journey and she genuinely cares about me...

She has helped me achieve some really fantastic things in my life. I finally found the courage to hold my very first gallery event and just WOW! it was an incredible experience. I felt like I was floating on air. 

She has so many tools that she uses to help me with the problem at hand. I definitely recommend working with Pippa, "


"Pippa truly opened my eyes and showed me that we can achieve and do anything that we want. 


Before I met her, I found so many things terrifying, especially meeting new people. I used to dread business events, dating new guys and even going out to work parties and dinners.


Now I know that I can handle anything and with a smile on my face. I am much happier; I am confident; I am out  having real fun, feeling independent and I am forever grateful to Pippa"


"I can't thank Pippa enough for all her support and help during one of  THE toughest times in my whole life. After my divorce,  I literally fell apart, and knew I was spiralling totally out of control.

I was secretly drinking, making excuses and feeling sorry for myself.

Everyone around me got totally sick of me and my behaviour.


She woke me up and put me firmly back on the right path.

I honestly don't know  where I would have ended up without her help. Cheers Pippa! "



To find out more information about Evolving Your Amazing with me, contact Pippa today.

07181 Calvià, Balearic Islands, Spain

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