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Do you ever wish your life felt easier?

The truth is that life is often full of challenges for us all. (Especially if you don't feel very comfortable inside of your own skin, and are struggling with insecurities and anxieties). 


Waking up to an abundant life that you love, being more independent and enjoying success in your relationships and your health, is a freedom that I believe we all deserve, so I am sorry if life has not yet allowed this to happen for you.❤

Believing in yourself can sometimes seem so hard to do, but we don't need to be struggling with our anxiety or letting our fears and issues hold us back.


Once we strip back all the unhelpful layers we have accumulated onto our identities, we can start to unlock our true potential and then we realise how much MORE we are inside.❤

I wonder who is really hiding underneath all of your insecurities, the anxiety and the stress?

If you have been stuck trying to get past your own unhelpful habits, struggling to find the confidence and knowledge that you believe you need just to get to your next level, it can feel like you are going around in circles.  


And so often, we know what we "should" be doing in life to help ourselves, so we are left wondering... why on earth can it feel so hard just to bring ourselves to physically "do" those things that we know we really need to do?

This can happen to us in all areas of our life.... at work, as an entrepreneur, in our health and fitness and especially in our day-to-day relationships...


We can often worry so much about what people think of us, or believe that we are just not good enough to get to our next level. 


If this is you, then I know that you may also be longing to feel braver and more confident, to put a stop to your self-sabotaging behaviours and stop being so mean to yourself, because you may have been caught in the trap of paralysing yourself with your own overthinking or over analysing every small thing that happens to you in your life. It's ok, I have been there too. 


When we do get stuck like this, it can feel like we are watching everyone else in the world have all the fun and success, while we continually waste all of our energy battling with ourselves, constantly drained and exhausted from the worrying and the efforts of pushing ourselves so much just to get out there, and perhaps feeling like a shadow of the person that really, want to be, trying to function out there in the big wide world. Pretending to be someone else feels hard.


And if you have been attempting to be super woman and to hide all of your fears and your issues too. It can become totally exhausting trying to do small everyday things, like making decisions, being fully present and enjoying the life you have, spending happy time with your loved ones or getting through each day without living with this secret sense of dread and inner panic.  



I know that it might feel hard to even imagine yourself being capable of building greater things and living in a better life.


Especially when fear is running our responses.It's not easy to imagine feeling naturally comfortable, calm and confident, making new friends and forming more meaning full relationships with ease.

Wishing to be more "normal", means we continually fail to appreciate and see how amazing we really can be.


It might even feel impossible, to imagine yourself out there...


Moving around the world bravely and fiercely doing all of those things that you have always dreamt of doing. Like travelling, sailing further into success in your career, and thriving financially and emotionally potentially with a loving family of your very own. 

But...the great news is that destiny has now selected you and brought you here for a reason, and I believe that right now, you are now exactly where you are supposed to be. ❤


I want you to know that, whatever you can imagine of yourself, you do have so much more, hidden inside of you, just waiting to be unlocked. 


And you may not quite yet see it yet, but you are a bright, rising star, with no idea of just how much you are truly capable of doing.


I know because I have been there myself and I can share that coming out of anxiety and struggles with low self-esteem feels like a bright glowing light has been switched on inside of yourself... 

And being here right now means it is finally your time, too... 


I can guide you out of your own way, help you to feel safe and smile your way through life as you begin to let your own remarkable sparkle shine.

My unique, fully personalized, and interactive evolution lab will help you get there, with a combination of online group programs, private coaching and therapy, workshops, and personal care and support from me. 

I wonder, what will happen to you, when you fully awaken to discover and activate more of your own true amazing, natural capability?


Can allow yourself to feel a few tingles of excitement now, as you begin to think about the glorious changes that your life will experience when you are able to unleash the true power of your awesome and unstoppable self?


Instant Downloads, Audio Recordings & Hypnotic Group Coaching Packages,

The Exciting One-to-One Training and Mentoring Package

Can you imagine how it will feel to be able to soar and ascend to thrilling, new heights?

Each program you find here is creatively and specifically designed to unfold, grow, and emerge your true, amazing inner self.

You can begin to naturally integrate your inner world with your outer world to more easily manifest the life that you really want. 

Using exciting, modern, and engaging techniques, each program enables you to advance in life. From an enlightened perspective, you will more easily and naturally be able to rapidly adapt your thinking, feelings, and behaviour.

The techniques and strategies used in our lab (and in all training programs), are proven to be effective and are fully backed by evidence-based results and research from the fields of neuroscience, behavioural science, cognitive and behavioural therapy, epigenetics and psychology. 

Becoming more capable and empowered for success, you will more consistently focus, prioritize, and champion your own happiness and desires, over previous, more primitive and unhelpful survival responses.


These outdated responses are simply a part of your automatic reactions and self-sabotaging behaviours that have so far, been holding you back in life. But the good news is that they can be reprogrammed with ease.  

You can choose from a selection of interactive training programs, each designed to target the specific area or areas in life where you feel that you may want or need the most help.


Such as:

  • Beating action paralysis and procrastination to start physically doing much more to make your dreams a reality

  • Improving your concentration, mental clarity, and decisiveness so you can work more effectively and rise up your career ladder

  • Learning to love and appreciate yourself fully inside and out to smile at yourself when you look in a mirror

  • Developing your own natural passions, talents and creative super-flow so you can learn to love life with all your heart and soul

  • Progressing in your career or building more meaningful relationships as you master greater social confidence and take time for yourself without feeling guilty.

  • Naturally, raising your optimum health, fitness and training, so you can enjoy your body and feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Elevating your self-esteem and confidence, feeling more attractive and glowing from the inside out

  • Inducing better sleep quality for higher performance, finding self-acceptance, and inner calm to be less overwhelmed with life's challenges.  

  • Recovering and healing from traumas or blockages that have been holding you back in your life, so you can finally let go and move on without the past emotional baggage weighing down your future.  


Whichever you choose, our evolving programs will help you to naturally lower your stress, as you become more fulfilled and able to exceed way beyond your expectations. 

Now that you have discovered our programs, the only thing you now need to decide, is how sure you are, that you are ready for more success.

Imagine waking up each day to a life you love...
Without spending years trying to get there ❤ 



A life-changing series of 4 one to one sessions held online from the comfort of your own home or office,  especially for remarkable ladies.

Be fully engaged, as you learn how to enjoy getting tasks done, (even if you don´t usually feel like it).

Become more naturally empowered to manifest your best life.

Beat procrastination and distractions, as you learn how to create massive enjoyment around any task, so you can get stuff done, even when you don't feel like it. 

By the end of the 4 x 90-minute personal sessions, you will have learned:

  • To no longer need to push or force yourself to get things done.

  • The secrets and skills you need to enjoy being more productive.

  • To easily take more action where you need to do more in life

  • To improve your concentration

  • To let your ideas live

  • How to develop and free your creative super-flow 

  • To build your inner drive & motivation

  • How to release yourself from fear-based perfectionism



Evolve yourself and find exactly what you want in life with this private one-to-one hypnotic coaching program. 

This nurturing and supportive 10-month online training is a tailored and personal program and is the ultimate in mind, body, and life evolution. Start to feel good enough and whole, as you fully evolve your amazing, inner sparkle and confidence instead. Achieve much greater success academically, in your career, family life, or in relationships without feeling anxious and alone. 

Using regular monthly sessions, weekly challenges, live support, through my elite "Academy of Brilliance", you will have direct access to my personal services and care, so you will learn how to shine in such a way that the world cannot help but notice your light.

Feel comfortable enough to be your natural, remarkable best self, and learn practical life skills as well as activating deep unconscious programming techniques for your mind. You will be fully empowered and enabled to use these, not only to make yourself feel amazing but to help others feel more amazing around you.

This program is an intensive and life-changing experience, which focuses on mentoring, guiding, and helping you wherever you need or want it the most, to become more full of self-love, awareness, and acceptance whilst being more assertive, enabled, and empowered to achieve a greater life success by manifesting your dreams into reality. Only 10 ladies are accepted for this program each year. 



Develop the seven secrets to mastering natural self control and activate everything you need to break out of your own self sabotaging habits.

A 6 session online program of one to one sessions that are designed to teach and show you how to:

  • Recognize what you really want in life

  • Realize how to achieve success in any target area and identify what is currently stopping you 

  • Strengthen your inner will and drive

  • Understand your own lack of willpower and evolve a much more effective and proven way to naturally develop your self-control in all areas of life

  • Be able to focus and remove those unwanted distractions as you help yourself towards better outcomes in life

  • Break out of unwanted habits into a new and exciting way of living



You can handle anything : The Anxiety Freedom Formula 

Overcome your worries and anxiety, to become a master of the art of true relaxation and inner peace. Learn to embrace challenge, overcome past traumas and free yourself from anxiety for good. 

This online program of 10 sessions (plus access to my special Warrior Hearts tribe) teaches you all the practical techniques you need for handling and overcoming anxiety, worry, and insomnia as well as teaching you how to spot and control your own distorted thinking habits, dispute thoughts and increase your belief in your own capability to the point that you will know that you can handle anything. 

Become more resilient, as you build your bravery muscle and enjoy being naturally more adventurous. Feel more alive, as you discover how to grow your tolerance to frustrations and how to use anger and other negative emotions to help you grow into a stronger young woman.

Happy Family


Equip Yourself And Your Whole Family With Mind Training, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence And More

​​As a mother, you are the heart and soul of your family unit and the guiding strength that sits in the centre of their emotional orbit. 

  • Do you want your child to know they are strongly loved, and confident, and to feel resilient and able to cope more easily with life's ups and downs?

  • Do you want peace of mind, knowing that they will grow up to feel self-assured and well-equipped to strive to achieve their own unique and healthy best?

  • Do you want them to be personally motivated to experience life, but also able to balance and enjoy it, living a calm, content, and relaxed existence?

Whatever academic studies your children engage in at school, they will learn these special emotional abilities and resilience skills best from you, directly at home as a family unit. Tackling techniques to bully proof your child, social skills training and how to unravel anxiety in the home and much more.

This online program will show you how to engage with your children at home more effectively, using games, challenges, conversations, and activities that will grow your bond as a family, encouraging a stronger connection between you, as well as teach valuable thinking skills and high emotional intelligence that will set them up with empowerment for their entire future.

Parenting support all the way, as we also cover more fundamental techniques and parenting 101's, for more stress-free and emotionally bonded parenting. Covering some of our own common mistakes and unhelpful patterns that we can often fall into, as parents, and how to easily fix and overcome these to achieve a more nurturing, harmonious, and shining family environment where your children and you can thrive together.  

Butterfly lullaby.png


Trance-forming bedtime, audio recordings for mini superstars (or big ones) who want to shine and sparkle

Gift yourself or your child a magical "choose your own" adventure meditation journey, with one of these beautiful bedtime audio recordings.


Designed to encourage and develop mental resilience, as well as to calm anxious little or big minds, these charming audio recordings help to grow self-esteem and superpowers around their various daily activities.


Each meditation promotes more naturally restful sleep, personal growth, and development and installs unconditional love and other helpful emotional states. Awake feeling refreshed and ready, with magical energy to tackle the day.


Also available are fully customized recordings, individually personalized and crafted with your child´s name and content designed specifically to help your child overcome personal challenges or to excel in specific activities, whilst joyously filled with their personalized, ideal dream fantasy material.


You can download the audio, and I will send you a link to subscribe to my free podcast of bedtime metaphoric meditations or order your very own personalized one as a gift to yourself or a special family member. 


To find out more information about learning at Evolve Your Amazing, contact Philippa today.

07181 Calvià, Balearic Islands, Spain

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"I´m evolving into more acceptance of myself and addressing the things I need to change. It´s always a wonderful journey and she genuinely cares about me...She has many tools that she uses to help me with the problem at hand. I definitely recommend working with Pippa "


Pippa truly opened my eyes and showed me that we can achieve and do anything that we want.  I now know that I can handle anything and with a smile on my face. I am much happier; I am confident; I am independent and I am forever grateful to Pippa


I have much more energy and now regularly exercise 3 times a week, and it´s all thanks to Pippa. I am using her daily exercises to maintain a positive mindset. These have been easy and effective to do and I have also used some of them in class with the children I teach

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