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Fully Personalised Trance-forming Bedtime Audio Meditation

Fully Personalised Trance-forming Bedtime Audio Meditation

Are you looking for something created especially for you ?

This individually crafted hypnotic meditation promotes easier and much better quality of sleep. 


With a special "choose your own adventure" style, these meditations are open enough to fill with your own experiences night after night, yet also gently and specifically target your own private and specific issues or abilities that you would like to build, improve or heal through hypnotic audio.


  • Choose to have one personally crafted to include your name, your child´s name, or the names of family members.
  • Choose from a list of creative content that you would enjoy and experience from specific genres, fairy tales of your own design, content and themes that you prefer or places, experiences and memories that you would like to enjoy or enjoy reliving.
  • Choose target problem areas of your life that you wish to include, remedy or reinforce and expand. 
  • Choose selected activites and skills or areas of life that you wish to grow and evolve to achieve a greater level of accomplishment, pride and success. 


Target issues such as anxiety relief, resilience building, strengthening of will power, reaffirmation of love, safety and security, or improving your talents and abilities such as sports, dancing, playing music or reading, acadmics, performance and concentration.  


Each audio is 15-20 minutes long and includes binaural beats music to help to sync your brainwaves to promote strong immune system and bodily repair and healing, deep sleep, optimising imagination and creativity brain waves, inducing realxing, calming and comfortable trance states and more.  

  • What happens next ?

    After you order, please sit tight and we will contact you within 24 hours (by email) to explore the personalised options you would like included in your audio.

    All audios are tailored and created specifically for you and you will need a 7 day period to allow them to be designed and crafted to match your needs. 

90,00 €Price
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