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Level UP: Supporting You To Success

Increase Your Bank Balance, Get Promoted or Build Up Your Business By Taking Confident Action Steps

  • 1 h
  • Carrer Gran Via

Service Description

What's stopping you from reaching your next level? Lack of strategy, clarity or the vision to see a clear path ahead? Lack of skills and self doubts about your ability to get there? Lack of support, encouragement and accountability? Or... Is it just plain old fear? Fear of failure, of the responsibilities of success or fear of what others will think of you? Whatever is holding you back from becoming more.... I see you. I've felt what you're feeling. As an introvert who has owned my own company for 20 years I've definitely been there too. ❤️ It doesn't have to be this way. Your self-doubt and hesitation have nothing to do with your actual capability. You ARE good enough to get to your next level. Your brain is just holding you back to try to keep you safe. Creating solid plans and strategies to overcome your fears, building a map and knowing each action step to take you through the maze, learning to de-stress, mastering inner confidence and resilience as well as conquering new skills, can all make levelling up feel much easier. (And exciting 🤩) This 12 week personal program is tailored to your exact needs and includes weekly sessions, focusing on everything you need to get to success as you beat the 5 ps of professional self-sabotage. ✔ Procrastination Stop paralyzing your own progress and start getting stuff done ✔ Perfectionism Get past slow productivity and fear, into a greater flow and ease ✔ People Pleasing Stop allowing your fear of letting others down and fear of conflict interfere with your time and energy so you can start self pleasing (without guilt) instead! ✔ Pressurizing Yourself Overcome your self critics and the imposter monsters that keep you going to the point of burnout, build your own inner cheerleader and start to enjoy a healthy and happy work life balance. ✔Poor Money Management Break through the limiting beliefs and disempowering mindsets that are stopping you from becoming wealthy, smash your poor habits around money (like overspending, failure to manage your income or hesitation to charge more for your services) and start moving towards financial freedom instead. Includes voxer support every Friday 9am-5pm, to engage with me for advice and help via voice or text messaging and practical strategies, tools and secrets to lead yourself more effectively. Week by week, we work on getting you to your own next level, and I am there to give you all the support, encouragement and techniques to evolve your amazing self.

Contact Details

  • Carrer Gran Via, 43, El Toro, Spain

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